Why every opposition to the Prime Minister is a threat to his security


The specialty of the Prime Minister is that whenever he falls in an unpleasant situation, his life is in danger in some way or the other. Ever since he became the Chief Minister, after some time till now, the story of his assassination conspiracy starts being told. People are arrested, but nothing is proved. Then one day the story of a new danger comes to the fore.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (Photo Credits: PIB)

‘Thank God the Prime Minister is safe.’ The Telegraph made Tanjia headlines.

‘PM foiled the conspiracy of Pakistan, Khalistan supporters and Congress’, claimed in a video released by the Bharatiya Janata Party. He returned to tell the truth. In a dramatic way, the video asks what would have happened if the Prime Minister had followed that path? riot? Attack? Violence, bloodshed? Conspiracy to assassinate the Prime Minister?

Was there any attack on the Prime Minister? Was there a siege somewhere? Did they escape from the middle of a violent mob? How did he foil the conspiracy of Pakistan and Khalistan supporters and Congress?

These questions are useless in today’s India. No one asks why the farmers of Punjab do not have the right to oppose the politician who was going to his party’s political meeting. In democracy, the public does not have the right to protest against the Prime Minister, in which constitution it is written?

Why is every opposition to the Prime Minister a threat to his security? In every democracy of the world, there have been demonstrations against the head of state in front of him. In America, you can protest right in front of the White House. Have you ever heard of him threatening the life of the President of America?

Why is there so much commotion? It was just that Narendra Modi was going on the road to address his party meeting and the farmers were sitting on the road ahead? He was protesting this with the demand of taking account of the deaths during the farmers’ movement and the killing of farmers at the hands of the son of the Union Minister of State for Home. Protests also because on the deaths of farmers, the prime minister asked one of his governors whether he died for them to do something!

Doesn’t the sovereign voter of India have the right to restrict the head of his government? Which is the democratic legislation that if the public comes before the Prime Minister, then his life will be in danger?

But Narendra Modi and his party say that the Prime Minister is up to the people. The road should be clearly visible to the public when it passes. All he has to do is hear the cheers, the slogans of protest are blasphemous.

As the farmers were sitting blocking the way, the Prime Minister’s convoy was stopped a kilometer in advance. The Punjab Chief Minister said that he was asked for some time so that the farmers could be removed, he was told an alternate route, but the Prime Minister got the car back.

It is being said that he escaped, anything could have happened, that he foiled the conspiracy of Pakistan. Like running away from the people opposing you is the bravery to win the front.

Where is the security lapse in this whole affair? Where is the conspiracy in this? Why is the whole media in one voice calling it playing with the security of the Prime Minister? Why is the Supreme Court giving priority to this matter for urgent hearing?

The matter is very clear. The Punjab Chief Minister said that the real thing was that the Prime Minister had got the news that people were not coming to the meeting. Going there, it would have been known from the empty ground that he was not welcome in Punjab. A clever way to avoid this humiliation was to give a dramatic twist to the whole affair.

The media is sitting ready. Every newspaper editorial article has been that the Prime Minister is the Prime Minister after all. He is above politics etc etc.

Narendra Modi but was never the Prime Minister. He has been doing the work of promoting his party and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh for the last 7 years on the money of the state and taxpayers. No one ever told him that he could not campaign against him with taxpayers’ money.

It was also pointed out that it is the specialty of the BJP and this Prime Minister that whenever they fall into an unpleasant situation, their lives are threatened in some way or the other. Ever since he became the Chief Minister of Gujarat, every now and then, the story of his assassination plot starts being told. People are arrested, nothing is proved, the story of the conspiracy of a new threat comes to the fore.

Right now, due to the government’s silence in matters like Parliament of Religions, auction of Muslim women, the Narendra Modi government was being strongly criticized all over the world. The farmers of Punjab are angry with him. There was only one way to change this atmosphere: drama of threat to the life of the Prime Minister!

But there is another incident. That is the election of Punjab, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. The Hindu voter of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, being shown the ghost of Khalistani danger, may cling to the chest of the BJP out of fear, this is the attempt. During the farmers’ movement, the BJP has revived the Khalistani phantom among its voters. She wants to use it to garner votes in the name of saving the country.

Secondly, an attempt is being made to make the matter so dire that Punjab is somehow taken under federal control. All federal state institutions have become active. It is being shown as if the state is under his control. Captain Amarinder Singh, an ally of the BJP, has put forth the demand for imposition of President’s rule.

As the wire Pritam Singh has written that the capture of Punjab is very important for BJP’s politics. It is because of Punjab that he has had to withdraw the laws related to agriculture. These laws are necessary for the expansion of the corporate capital which has carried the BJP dividing India on its shoulders.

If these are to be brought back, then it is necessary to control Punjab, break its farmer organizations. That can happen only after controlling Punjab. Is this whole drama a conspiracy? Will the entire media, bureaucracy, police and judiciary also follow its path on the pretext of Prime Minister’s security?

Its benefit, as we said, will be taken by instilling Sikh animosity in the nation-loving public by creating fear in the rest of the states, especially Uttar Pradesh, Khalistan and Pakistan. BJP has done this before.

She has been campaigning against Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Bengal in North India. A prejudice against Sikhs has been in the mind of Hindus for 40 years. An attempt is being made to incite that prejudice with this play. This play is ridiculous. Could have been laughed at if it was not for the evil mind behind the kidnapping of democracy.

(The author teaches at Delhi University.)

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