Sunil Jakhar leaves the party and said, best wishes for the future and goodbye Congress


The Congress removed him from all posts last month for alleged anti-party activities.

Jakhar has taken this decision at a time when three-day ‘Chintan Shivir’ of Congress is going on in Udaipur. The disgruntled leader announced his decision to quit the Congress, going live on his Facebook page.

Announcing the break of the three-generation and nearly 50-year-old ties with the Congress, Jakhar said, “This (my farewell) is a gift to the party. Good luck for the future and goodbye Congress.

He said, ‘Today I am giving him a gift after breaking away from the party. These are my last words to Congressmen. Good luck for the future and goodbye Congress.

Accusing the party of being “heartbroken”, the senior leader advised former Congress president Rahul Gandhi to identify friends and foes and said he should take over the reins of the Congress but beware of “sycophants”.

Jakhar, the former Punjab Congress chief, was upset with the party over the ‘show cause’ notice he received on April 11. He did not respond to the notice to the Congress Disciplinary Committee.

It is noteworthy that before Jakhar, former Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, former Union Minister Ashwini Kumar and RPN Singh have left the Congress in recent times.

During Facebook Live, he targeted the party leadership and especially Ambika Soni. He also criticized the manner in which show cause notices were issued to him.

Jakhar had rubbished the charges against him and said that his statement was distorted. He had said that he regretted if anyone was hurt by his comments.

Jakhar had earlier created a storm by claiming that 42 MLAs wanted him to be the chief minister and only two supported Channi.

Jakhar attacked some leaders ‘sitting in Delhi’, especially Ambika Soni, saying that unless Congress gets freedom from such leaders, it cannot build its mass base in Punjab.

Jakhar was leading the contenders for the post after Captain Amarinder Singh stepped down as chief minister last year, but party leader Ambika Soni had said the party should make a Sikh the chief minister.

Jakhar reminded that it was Ambika Soni who had once opposed former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

According to the report of the Indian Express, during his address, three-time MLA and one-time MP Sunil Jakhar targeted Ambika Soni and accused her of fabricating the story that there should not be a Hindu Chief Minister in Punjab.

Jakhar said Soni has “put a blot on Punjab and Sikhs and defames and humiliated Hindus”. He further said, ‘Is there any point that such leaders should continue in the Congress?’

Jakhar also targeted Harish Rawat, former party in-charge of Punjab affairs. He termed Rawat’s defeat in the Uttarakhand elections as “God’s justice” and held him responsible for the Congress’s condition in Punjab.

“Rawat was sent to destabilize Amarinder Singh,” he said.

He also criticized the current Congress Punjab affairs in-charge Harish Choudhary for his alleged remarks blaming him (Jakhar) for the party’s defeat in other states. Jakhar asked why he was not expelled from the party if he was responsible for the defeat of the Congress.

Referring to the ongoing contradictions within the party, Jakhar said that despite being the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot has to say every 15 days that he will remain the Chief Minister.

Jakhar said that the ‘Chintan Shivir’ of the party being held in Udaipur is just a formality. According to him, it should have been named ‘Chinta Shivir’ and not ‘Chintan Shivir’ as the party had to worry about its future in this meeting.

He said that the Congress governments have always been accused of having a ‘kitchen cabinet’ and a ‘closet’ of leaders.

Jakhar alleged that in his 20 years of active politics, “this cell has now turned into a gang”. He said that he is making this allegation with great responsibility.

The former state Congress president said that the Gandhi family is very important for the Congress and Rahul Gandhi is a very good and right person. He said that he remained in Congress for so many years only because of Rahul Gandhi.

However, while advising the former Congress president, he said, ‘If you do not differentiate between friend and foe, then you will not be able to understand who can prove to be an asset to you and who is a burden.’

After the Congress’s defeat in the Punjab Assembly elections, Jakhar had criticized Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi and called him a “burden” for the Congress.

He said that the Congress is going through a crisis of existence today, so first of all it has to strengthen itself. He said that forming separate committees on subjects like economy and agriculture is not going to benefit the party.

Jakhar also referred to the Congress’s woeful defeat in the Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand assembly elections and said the party should have found out the reasons for these defeats and formed a committee for that.

He said that in Uttar Pradesh, 390 candidates of the party did not get even 2,000 votes, whereas everyone knows that a candidate standing in Panchayat elections also gets so many votes.

Jakhar asked, ‘Will there be any discussion on this (the defeat in Uttar Pradesh).’

Significantly, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra was in charge of Congress in Uttar Pradesh.

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