Viral Video: When the child came to the class to sleep, the friend helped him, seeing that people showered love


Social media is a platform where all kinds of videos and pictures are shared. It is not only a means of entertainment but it is also a way to become popular in itself. But not everyone is lucky enough to have fame and some get a lot of attention and popularity without even asking for it. Due to which people become famous overnight. At the same time, many videos of children are being seen going viral on social media these days. Which people like very much. Recently, the video of a child has been in the news a lot. Along with this, it is also becoming quite viral.

The young child seen in the video holds his friend’s neck waving in the air and puts it on his shoulder when he falls asleep. So that his friend can complete his sleep easily without any difficulty. Seeing this act of the child, social media users are losing their heart.

This clip going viral has been posted by IAS officer Avneesh Sharan from his Twitter account. Which has so far crossed the number of 1 lakh 30 thousand views. Sharing the video, Avneesh Sharan captioned it, ‘Love is what we are born with. Hate is what we learn from.

At present, the video is becoming increasingly viral as well as being shared on social media. On which users are increasingly seen giving their reactions. Where many users have described it as a cute and cute video. At the same time, some users say that the upbringing of a small child helping his friend has improved a lot and some say that the child is teaching everyone the lesson of humanity.

first published:June 23, 2022, 3:10 pm

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