This is the upcoming plan of Pakistan regarding Team India, will send an application to ICC


Cricket News: There are only a few teams in the history of cricket, whose fans are very eager to see the match. Out of these, India and Pakistan are at number one. In the T20 World Cup match, the match between India and Pakistan broke all the records of the spectators. Most people have seen this match. Due to diplomatic relations between India and Pakistan, both the countries do not play tournaments or series with each other. Only these two teams are seen face to face in major ICC tournaments. No series is played on India due to poor relations between Pakistan.

Many times, Pakistani veteran cricketers have also raised their voice about the series and other tournaments being played between India and Pakistan. Now the Chief of Pakistan Cricket Board, Rameez Raja has taken forward the matter regarding the series being played between both the countries. Every year, he will also apply before the ICC regarding the series between India and Pakistan. If the green signal is given by the ICC, then a series of T20 matches will be played between the two countries.

The enthusiasm and passion with which the spectators watch the match between India and Pakistan in cricket can be judged only by the figures of TRP. But after these two countries there is another match, which is seen with record audience. This is a match between Australia and England. Rameez Raja is going to propose a four-nation series to the ICC. The series held every year between the teams of India, Pakistan, England and Australia will increase the interest of the people towards cricket. The PCB chief will propose this series in the next meeting of the ICC.

Rameez Raja tweeted

Pakistan Cricket Board chief Rameez Raja tweeted and wrote, ‘We are considering organizing a T20 tournament every year between 4 countries – India, Pakistan, England, Australia. Its proposal will be placed before the ICC in the next meeting. This tournament should be held every year in different places in all 4 countries.

Let us inform that from 1992 to 2021, India-Pakistan have met 13 times in T20 and ODI World Cup, in which India has won 12 and Pakistan has won one match.

first published:Jan. 12, 2022, 12:11 p.m.


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