These i1 Smart Glasses will work as a Smartphone, the price is nothing in front of the features


Noise i1 Smart Glasses Launched Price: In today’s time, so many amazing features have come in the market, with the help of which most of the work can be simplified. in electronic device most important There is a smartphone, with the help of which many types of work can be done from talking to. If we tell you that with glasses you can do the work of a smartphone? You might not even believe it. However, one of the latest smart glasses in the market (Smart Glasses) Which doesn’t cost anything in front of features. Let’s know about it.

Noise i1 Smart Glasses

Noise has i1 Smart Glasses Has been launched in India which is a Made in India product. There are many special features in this device. in this magnetic charging, motion estimation,motion compensation and Multi-functional touch controls Features are included. With its help, you can pick up the calls. Apart from this, you can also cut the call. with smart glasses Apart from controlling music, voice assistant can also be activated.

Noise Launches Stunning Smart Glasses

of noise i1 Smart Glasses The price is quite low in front of the features. Apart from being the company’s first iWare device, it is also a great gadget. Noise i1 Smart Glasses The price is Rs 5,999. If you also wish to buy it, then from the official website of Noise Noise i1 Smart Glasses can buy.

Other Features of Noise i1 Smart Glasses

talk Noise i1 Smart Glasses As for the other features of 5.1 version of Bluetooth Is. Taking care of the eyes, the blue light filtering transparent lens has been given in the device. With its help, there will be no problem with dangerous UV rays. Comes with water and splash resistant glasses Can be used for 9 hours on a single charge. Coming with fast charging support, this device can run for 2 hours without stopping in just 15 minutes.

first published:June 21, 2022, 6:12 pm

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