These great privacy features are on WhatsApp, after adopting it will not be possible to hack the app!


WhatsApp Privacy Setting: WhatsApp is used a lot all over the world. From children to old people use this app. WhatsApp has its own importance for all of us and it also comes in handy for different tasks. even if for you WhatsApp is very important and many important information is also present in it, so its Don’t be careless about privacy.

today we you of whatsapp We are going to tell about privacy settings, which is very important for every user to know. come to you Such privacy settings and features of WhatsApp Let us tell you about this, so that the app can be saved from being hacked.

1. Keep WhatsApp Lock- There are many lock options available in the smartphone. One of these options is available for App Lock. With its help, you can lock WhatsApp. There is no need for any third party app for this. To lock WhatsApp, go to the app’s settings. Click on Account here Select Privacy and then scroll down and click on AppLock feature. like this Whatsapp may be locked.

2. DP, Hide last seen and status Whatsapp There is an option to hide profile photo, status and last seen on privacy. With the help of this, you can show your updates to selected people only. for this you ‘My Contact Accept’ option can be used.

3. End-to-End Encryption- Whatsapp But in the year 2016 end-to-end encryption The special feature of the app came, so that no third party can access the chatting apart from the users.

4. WhatsApp Group settings Whatsapp This is a special feature in Privacy. with the help of Whatsapp No one can easily add you to the group. It happens many times that someone unknown adds to any group. In such Whatsapp Go to the privacy setting of the key and select ‘Groups’ and also select who can add you to the group and who cannot.

first published:June 21, 2022, 7:24 pm

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