Onion is crying: Farmers are not getting fair price, forced to leave the heap of onion in the market


Mandsaur: In the summer season, onion, which enhances the taste of food from house to house, is shedding tears on its plight these days. The situation of the declining prices of onions is that in the Mandsaur mandi of Madhya Pradesh, the farmer is forced to leave the onion grown by hard work in the market itself. In fact, farmers are not getting the price of onion so much that they can calculate their cost price.

Till some time ago, the price of onion which was touching the sky, today the price of this onion is making the farmers cry with tears of blood. Farmers bringing onions from Ujjain and Ratlam districts in Mandsaur’s agricultural produce market are getting only 25 rupees per quintal i.e. 25 paise per kg, even after staying in the market for two to three days.

Even the best quality onion is not selling more than Rs 400 a quintal i.e. Rs 4 a kg in the agricultural produce market. Distressed farmers are telling that they are incurring an expenditure of Rs 200 per quintal to bring one quintal of onion from Ujjain to Mandsaur Mandi. Whereas in sowing one quintal of onion, it costs the farmer one thousand rupees. But here we are hardly able to get only Rs 25 to Rs 400 of the same one quintal of onion.

According to the farmers, far from getting the cost price of the crop, they are not even able to recover the cost of bringing onions to the market. The demand of the farmers is that the government should not double their income but handle the falling prices of onions so that the farmer can get the cost price of the crop.

first published:May 25, 2022, 9:16 pm

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