Noida News: Inspector, upset with wife, posted suicide note on WhatsApp, in-laws also accused of harassment


Greater Noida: Not only criminals but also common people are afraid of Khaki, but if an inspector of Khaki starts living in fear and even tries to commit suicide, then it can be estimated that his pain will be like a mountain. An inspector in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh got so upset with his wife that he posted his suicide note on his WhatsApp status. Seeing the status, a relative informed the police. The officials are now counseling the Inspector.

This case is of the evening of June 21 in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. An inspector posted at the Beta-2 police station in Greater Noida, upset with his wife, posted his suicide note on his WhatsApp status. Then one of his relatives saw that note. Immediately informed the matter to Greater Noida Police. The police traced the inspector’s phone on surveillance.

Beta-2 station in-charge Anil Kumar has posted the victim inspector in the IT cell of Greater Noida. He lives with his family in Delta-3, Greater Noida. Disturbed by the house tribulation, he wrote a suicide note on the evening of 21 June. Inspector is very upset at this time.

If the daughter was given the right in the property, then the dispute started

In his suicide note, the inspector mentioned about the wife and her family members. Alleged that both are harassing them together. In the beginning of the suicide note, it was written for the wife that ‘Mubarak ho ko ko maan, land and paisa’. He had also told the reason for his suicide to the in-laws.

Beta-2 police station in-charge told that he had also written to give the ownership of all his property to his daughters. It was written that his daughters should perform his last rites. The wife should not be allowed to touch his dead body. However, the police saved the life of the inspector. Police is investigating the suicide note.

first published:June 23, 2022, 3:18 pm

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