Maharashtra: Exhibition closed at Pune Art Gallery citing ‘nudity’ in pictures


Pune: An art gallery in Maharashtra’s Pune has banned the exhibition of a photographer’s collection of photographs, citing ‘nudity’.

The exhibition was organized at Balgandharva Rang Mandir. Its in-charge Sunil Mate said that photographer Akshay Mali should have informed the management about the subject matter of the exhibition in advance.

He said, ‘We do not allow any such exhibition, which hurts anyone’s sentiments. Such nudity does not seem appropriate (in the art gallery).’

Matte said that when he came to know about the photographs and their subject matter, the artist was asked to remove the photographs.

The three-day exhibition of Mali’s photographs was held on Friday (January 7) at the Art Gallery on JM Road, but was asked to remove it on January 8.

Photographer Mali said, ‘The theme of the exhibition was ‘It’s Me’ in which the boundaries of art were broken. The exhibition had nude pictures of me and other models taken amidst nature.

He said that on January 8, some people in the management of the art gallery objected to the photographs and asked them to be removed.

“When I booked the slot, I didn’t tell the management about the ‘nude theme’,” Mali said. I had booked the slot only saying that it will be an online photography exhibition.

He said, ‘It was the first time that I was showing my pictures in an art gallery, but my artistic creations faced such opposition. Art has no rules or limits, but attempts are made to limit it to a certain framework.’

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