International Yoga Day: Rajasthan’s daughter did wonders, stood on one leg for 33 minutes and entered the Guinness Book


Yoga Day 2022: international yoga day (International Yoga Day) But big events were organized around the world and many new records were made. Meanwhile, Kishangarh in Ajmer district of Rajasthan (Kishangarh) Monika Kumawat, a resident of (Monika Kumawat) By doing amazing, he has achieved a great achievement. Monika Kumawat, the founder of Krishnam Yogasthali, who set the record by bowing to the sun, and a resident of Kishangarh, has now registered her name in the Guinness World Book by standing in Garudasan for the longest time.

Monika Kumawat, a yoga teacher from Kishangarh in Ajmer district (Monika Kumawat) He has fulfilled his dream by registering his name in the Guinness World Record Book. Monica has created a record by doing Garudasana continuously for 33 minutes 12 seconds. This asana is done while standing on one leg. Monica had achieved this feat on 13 December 2021. His achievement on International Yoga Day is inspiring.

Monika Kumawat, a resident of Kishangarh, Ajmer, says that she could not do Garudasana even for a minute in the beginning, but then she worked hard for 1 hour daily for a year to set a world record and got success.

Monica told these benefits of Garudasan

Monica Kumawat said that doing Garudasana strengthens the hands and feet, balances the body, strengthens the muscles and is also a medical treatment for arthritis patients. To bring awareness in yoga, Monica makes people aware by organizing free yoga camps from time to time.

Do yoga regularly, stay healthy throughout life

Kumawat said that in ancient times sages, sages etc used to do yoga regularly. That’s why he was so healthy. But even today many people are falling prey to diseases due to lack of attention to their health. In such a situation, doing yoga regularly not only increases self-confidence, but also improves blood circulation and respiratory system.

Taught yoga to patients in Corona period

Monica Kumawat says that she became corona positive. Despite this, he not only taught yoga to more than 200 corona patients every day but also boosted their confidence. Monika has been teaching yoga for the last seven-eight years. She also takes yoga classes by going to different states.

first published:June 21, 2022, 6:07 pm

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