Iced Mexican Coffee Recipe: If you are bored of drinking cold coffee, then try Iced Mexican Coffee today, know the recipe


New Delhi: If you are a coffee drinker, then till date you must have tasted many types of coffee such as cappuccino, filter coffee, dark coffee or hot chocolate etc. But have you ever tasted iced-cold Mexican coffee? If not, today we have brought you the recipe for making iced mexican coffee. Coffee is rich in many antioxidants which are considered excellent for your skin and health. Iced Mexican coffee varies greatly in taste. It is made with the help of cinnamon, chocolate syrup and cloves etc. which give a spicy kick to the coffee. It is very easy to make, so let’s know the recipe of making iced mexican coffee-

Ingredients for Iced Mexican Coffee

-strong coffee half cup

– cloves ground one-fourth tsp

-Cinnamon one-fourth teaspoon ground

-Chocolate syrup 1 tbsp

Milk – a quarter cup

– Ice three quarter cup

-Sea-salt tsp (optional)

For cream topping-

-A quarter cup of heavy cream

-sugar 1 tsp

How to make Mexican Iced Coffee

To make this, you first put coffee, cinnamon, cloves and chocolate syrup in a vessel.

After this, you prepare the mixture by mixing all these things well.

Then add milk to this prepared mixture and mix it well.

After this, to make cream topping, put heavy cream and sugar in a blender and beat until it becomes thick.

Then you pour this flavored coffee into an ice cup.

After this, with the help of a spoon, put the cream topping on the coffee.

Then you finally garnish the coffee by dusting it with ground cinnamon and sea-salt.

Now your Mexican Iced Coffee is ready.

first published:May 25, 2022, 6:36 pm

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