For some, social media is an uncontrolled ‘playground’ for their unfettered sentiments: Court


Kochi: The Kerala High Court on Thursday said that social media is good in the hands of deserving people, but it is an uncontrolled “playground” for the autocratic sentiments of some. Also, the court said that freedom of speech and expression is an important right, but some people misuse it excessively.

Justice Dewan Ramachandran made the remarks citing a social media post by a former judicial officer.

This former judicial officer had made indecent and bitter remarks about the orders of the High Court in connection with the investigation against self-proclaimed antiquities seller Monson Mavunkal.

The court noted that the former judicial officer had also made personal remarks against the judge.

Justice Ramachandran said that he then asked him to appear before the court and explain where he (court) is wrong, before initiating proceedings against the former judicial officer under the Contempt of Court Act.

However, the former judicial officer did not appear before the court, to which the court said during the hearing that he was a ‘coward’.

“It is the irony of today’s times that busy people feel that they can comment in strong words on social media thinking that they will not be held accountable,” the court said.

“Social media is good in the hands of good and deserving people, but for some it is an uncontrolled playground for their autocratic feelings,” the court said.

The High Court, in its order, noted that when the former judicial officer was asked to appear before the court, he again replied mocking the court and called it a ‘fascist’.

The court also noted that the High Court Registry found that he sponsored himself as a martyr and threatened to harm himself.

Justice Ramachandran said, ‘Thus the scenario is clear. The mindset of this person is nihilistic.

The court with its remarks quashed the summons issued to the former judicial officer and directed the High Court registry to take necessary orders from the Chief Justice to take necessary action against him in accordance with law.

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