CG: Vaccination on January 13 in 40 centers of Bhilai, people of 18 plus and 45 plus age group will get dose of Kovishild and Covaccine


Bhilai. In Chhattisgarh, people of 18 plus and 45 plus age groups should be vaccinated against Kovishild and Covaccine on Thursday, 13 January 2022.Aga. The first and second doses will be administered in 15 centers earmarked for Covishield, while in 09 centers earmarked for Covaccine, the second dose will be applied for 15 to 18 age group and 18 to 45 plus age group. 16 centers have been set up to administer booster doses to front line workers who have applied first and second doses.

Vaccination will be done at these centers for people of 15 to 18 years

Community Health Center for 15 to 18 Age Group Behind UPHC Kosanagar, Mangal Bazar Kohka Community Hall, Shiv Mandir Kanji House, UPHC Baikunthdham, J.L.N. Government School Khursipar, Mangal Bazar Cantonment, Dhanwantri Vidyalaya Junwani, Kalyan College Sector 07, BNS School Sector 08.

Covishield will be set up at these centers for people in the age group of 18 to 45

Covishield Center for Class 18 & 45 PHC Junwani Khamharia, Community Health Center behind UPHC Kosanagar, Sian Sadan Radhika Nagar, Mangal Bazar Kohka Community Hall, Shiv Mandir Kanji House, BNS School Sector 08, PHC Vaishali Nagar, Ganesh Manch Dome Shed Housing Board, Dussehra Maidan Shanti Nagar, UPHC Baikunthdham, Mangal Bazar Cantonment, Bapu Nagar PHC, Ganesh Manch Power House Market, Sat Vijay Auditorium Sector 05, Kalyan College Sector 07.

Booster dose of vaccine will be taken in these centers

Bhilai Corporation Zone 01 Office Water Tank Nehru Nagar, Opposite Traffic Tower Gurudwara Nehru Nagar, UPHC Kosanagar, Main Office Municipal Corporation Bhilai, Shastri Hospital Supela, Municipal Corporation Zone 02 Water Tank Vaishali Nagar, Municipal Corporation Zone 03 Near Office Masjid Mother Teresa Nagar Bhilai, Ruganta Dental College Kurud, UPHC Baikunthdham, UPHC Cantonment, Cantonment Police Station, Municipal Corporation Zone 04 Office Shivaji Nagar, Khursipar UPHC, Sector 06 Police Control Room, CISF Camp Near Maharana Pratap Chowk Sector 06, Municipal Corporation Zone 05 Office Sector 06.

first published:Jan. 12, 2022, 11:35 p.m.


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