3 storey house built in 7 yards, people were surprised to see the bedroom


There are many types of houses built in our country. In which the biggest and the smallest house are present. At the same time, there is no such work in India which is not done by jugaad. We have got to see some similar jugaad in Panipat city of Haryana. In Panipat’s Rajiv Colony, a person has erected a 3-storey luxurious house on his only 7 yards of land. Many people are surprised to see this.

You can imagine how little space will be in this house. The person has also made arrangements to make a bedroom and a bathroom in the house of 7 yards. According to the news, eight people live together in one room of this house and make their living. Let us tell you that this colony is not authorized. But the bills for water, electricity and house tax come. Here people came and settled according to their need. After this some builders also illegally plotted the land.

People have started their household like this. Most of the people living here are from Uttar Pradesh. According to the small size of the house, their price is also not going to put much burden on the pocket. Let us tell you that the price of these houses ranges from around Rs 6,000 to Rs 10,000. At the same time, all the people living in these small houses are not very prosperous financially, due to which they are living in such small houses.

It is being told that in this 3-storey house built in 7 yards, a place to keep a bed can be made by adding the balcony coming out of the street. Out of the same three floors, the bedroom has been made on the first floor, the bathroom on the second floor. Whereas the drawing room space has been given on the ground floor. Now you can imagine how so many people would live in such small houses.

first published:May 25, 2022, 5:23 pm

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