Anupamaa: Kavya has disappeared because of this, not Corona, Madalsa Sharma herself revealed


Mumbai. The makers of the daily soap Anupama keep some new twist ready for the viewers every day. This time again something big is going to happen in the show. In the episodes so far, it has been seen that the secret of Malavika’s painful past is revealed on the night of New Year’s party, in which it is revealed that her husband used to do domestic violence with her.

On the other hand, since the next morning of New Year, Kavya does not stay in the house, she leaves a letter for Vanraj and goes to find solitude away from home. Since this episode, there was a stir in the audience whether Madalsa Sharma, who played the role of Kavya, had become a victim of COVID. Fans on social media are also worried about whether Madalsa is fine or not.

In the midst of all these questions, Madalsa Sharma herself has now asked why she left the show. Talking to a private tabloid, the actress told that, the news of Corona being wrong is wrong. “I am absolutely right. Yes, I have left Shah House.” Along with this, he also told that a big twist is going to come in the show.

Madalsa says that something is going to happen which fans will not even expect. With this, two new characters are also going to enter the show. According to many media reports, Malavika’s past is going to return in the show, among them her husband doing domestic volance and the other is her unfulfilled love Akshay.

According to the ongoing track, Vanraj Shah is eyeing Malavika’s business. He is busy in racing with Anuj in his desire to become rich and in this affair he is increasing his closeness with Malvika.

first published:Jan. 12, 2022, 4:42 p.m.


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