Udaariyaan Latest Spoiler: The honor of Fateh’s family will be auctioned, will Tejo be able to get Fateh out of Jasmine’s clutches?


Mumbai. Colors TV’s well-known serial Udaariyan is making a splash in the TRP list due to its funny story. In the story of serial Udaiyaan, revelations are being made one after the other. Ankit Gupta, Karan V Grover, Isha Malviya and Priyanka Chaudhary (Priyanka Chahar Choudhary) starrer serial Udaariyan (Udariyaan Latest Episode) So far you have got to see that, Fateh is his father. After talking to him, Amrik decides to take the crime on his head. On learning of this, there is a ruckus in Fateh’s family. On the other hand, Jasmine instigates Fateh’s mother while making a plan.

But now in the meantime Tejo has taken a big step to teach Jasmine a lesson. In the upcoming episode of the serial Udaariyan Upcoming Episode, you will get to see that Jasmine will be very happy and will reach Fateh’s house with a procession. After reaching there, Jasmine will create a ruckus at Fateh’s house. With this, Jasmine will dance fiercely in front of Fateh’s family and will express her happiness.

Amrik’s condition will worsen after seeing Jasmine in his house. On the other hand, Khushbir will not be able to do anything in front of Jasmine even if he wants. As soon as Jasmine arrives, there will be silence on everyone’s face in Fateh’s family and no one will open his mouth in front of Jasmine. Everyone will just stand with their faces hanging. Jasmine will be very happy seeing Fateh’s family members so helpless.

Meanwhile Tejo learns that Jasmine is doing a tamasha at Fateh’s house. Apart from this, Fateh is unable to stop Jasmine even after wanting it. Tejo will be very upset after seeing Fateh’s helplessness. In such a situation, Tejo gets angry and decides that she will teach Jasmine a lesson. Tejo will leave without delay towards Fateh’s house. But while on the way, Tejo will have an accident and due to the bad scooty, Tejo will fall straight into the mud.

Although Tejo will not stop even after falling in the mud, but she will get up and start running. Tejo is now ready to do anything to get Fateh out of Jasmine’s clutches. In such a situation, it will be seen whether Tejo will be able to get his love out of Jasmine’s clutches or will Jasmine be successful in her plan.

first published:Jan. 27, 2022, 2:07 pm

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