Tiger Shroff’s video went viral on World Yoga Day


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We follow the style of our favorite hero or heroine a lot. But do we work hard like them to keep ourselves fit or do we know how hard they work to maintain our body? Bollywood’s dancing star Tiger Shroff, known for his muscular body and dangerous stunts, is as concerned about his fitness routine as a thirsty person needs water. On the occasion of World Yoga Day, many videos of one of the fittest actors Tiger Shroff are becoming viral on social media.

Be it children or elders, everyone is convinced of Tiger’s fitness. Tiger Shroff can often be seen sweating after doing tough workouts in the gym. The actor is also seen giving fitness goals by sharing inspiring videos of his workout sessions.

On the occasion of World Yoga Day, several videos of Tiger Shroff, one of the fittest actors, are going viral on the country’s own multilingual micro-blogging platform, Ku App. Through these videos, sometimes he is seen playing football, and sometimes doing martial arts.

Tiger is very fond of working out and hits the gym regularly, works hard to keep himself fit, as well as gets plenty of sleep. Junior Shroff is also very much interested in Football, Kickboxing and Gymnastics. He also practices Taekwondo and Wushu.

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Gymnastics is considered one of the most effective ways to increase flexibility and strength of bones. This increases the strength of the upper body and improves balance, power, control, stamina. Tiger Shroff works out every day to keep his body fit and gives at least 2 hours to gymnastics and mixed martial arts. This is the best way to burn calories.

Weight lifting helps in increasing the strength of the upper body and strengthens the muscles. Shroff’s weight training includes bicep curls with dumbbells, barbells and reverse curls. Bench press, pull ups and pull downs are also a special part of his workout.

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