Salman Khan’s name is being associated with Samantha Lockwood, know the truth


Mumbai : Film actor Salman Khan’s name is being associated with Hollywood actress Samantha Lockwood these days. Now the question was whether the actor really has a new girlfriend Samantha Lockwood. To which Samantha Lockwood herself came forward and gave her reaction. He said in one of his interviews, ‘People don’t know why people are associating my name with Salman Khan.

While there is no such thing, he said that Salman Khan is a good person and his film ‘Sultan’ is my favorite film’. Yes, I have met Salman Khan two-three times and a few days back on his birthday I went to his farmhouse. Just nothing more than that. Samantha Lockwood said ‘I met Salman Khan, he is a very good person. But, people do not know from where they get this wrong news. People are unnecessarily giving importance to this matter. She further said ‘I also met Hrithik Roshan but no one said anything about him and me’.

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The actor went to meet Hrithik Roshan at his house

Significantly, when Samantha Lockwood came to Mumbai. Then she went to meet actor Hrithik Roshan at his house and she also posed for pictures with Hrithik Roshan and posted it on her social media as well. He wrote in his caption, ‘It was great to meet Hrithik Roshan, who belongs to the film family, I love his action.

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