Nick Jonas’ big disclosure when his album failed, Priyanka Chopra ‘supported’


MumbaiFrom Bollywood to Hollywood, the marriage of Priyanka Chopra, who has made her mark, has been the most talked about. Actress Priyanka Chopra, who has traveled from Bollywood to Hollywood, does not need any introduction. In 2018, Priyanka surprised everyone by marrying American singer Nick Jonas. Priyanka may now have shifted abroad after marriage, but she always dominates among the fans. Priyanka also loves her fans equally.

Priyanka and Nick are always seen praising each other. In such a situation, now Nick has made another big disclosure. Nick revealed that when his album Spaceman didn’t work, Priyanka stood by him as a constant pillar of support. Actually told during a recent chat show that- “My wife showed me unbelievable support and love after the release of Spaceman album. I am really proud of the album I made. But it didn’t perform as well as I wanted. Which was really discouraging for me. Because I was like ‘Man, I put so much effort into this album’. The way she loved me through this and she was just so proud, it meant a lot to me.’

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Nick addressed Priyanka and said- “You tried to show me that you are proud of it because it was such a chapter and the highlight of this year.’

Significantly, Nick and Priyanka often love each other very much. Recently, during a concert, Nick called Priyanka the perfect life partner. His brother also reacted to this. Nick had said- If I have ever taken any good decision in my life, it is to marry Priyanka. Thankfully I found the perfect life partner.

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