Kapil Sharma Proposal: In a state of intoxication, Kapil Sharma asked ‘do you love me’, wife gave a funny answer


Mumbai. Comedian and TV show host Kapil Sharma, who has made everyone laugh with his punch lines and funny talk, is all set to debut on the OTT platform Netflix very soon. Actually Kapil Sharma is coming with his first stand up, which will be streamed on Netflix from January 28. Fans are very excited about Kapil’s stand up show.

Kapil Sharma has been seen opening the secrets of other stars in his show, this will be the first time when the comedy king will share stories related to his life with the fans. In this show titled ‘I’m Not Done Yet’, Kapil is seen telling some funny and unheard things related to his personal life which he has never told before. The promo of the show is going viral on social media. There is a tremendous craze among the fans for Kapil’s new show.

Recently a new promo of the show has surfaced. Kapil Sharma is seen talking about his love life in this. The comedy star is revealing in this video when and under what circumstances he expressed his love to wife Ginni. Kapil told that when Ginni and he used to work together in theatre, Ginni used to be his favorite actress, then Kapil used to put duty in many of his things. That’s why Ginni used to call them and tell them that today this happened, today it happened. In this episode, Kapil told that one day he was in a state of intoxication and he called Ginni and asked her directly that ‘Do you love me’, Ginni trembles after hearing this question of Kapil.

In a funny way, Kapil Sharma further says that ‘Thankfully I did not drink anything else that day, otherwise my question would have been different, I would have asked ‘Ginni tere papa ko driver’. It is further shown in the promo that Kapil asks Ginni that ‘what did she think of falling in love with the scooter driver’ Ginni gives a funny reply to Kapil’s statement and says, ‘I thought money wala se to all pyar karte karte hain’ Let me do good to this poor’.

first published:Jan. 17, 2022, 7:31 p.m.

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