Kangana Ranaut’s troubles increased over the statement of ‘freedom in begging’, another complaint filed against the actress


Another complaint filed with the police against Kangana Ranaut for her statement of ‘freedom in begging’: Big news is coming out about Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut. Before the start of the new year, the troubles of the actress seem to be increasing. Controversy is still going on regarding the statement of ‘freedom found in begging’. Another complaint has been lodged against the matter. Kangana had said some time ago that the freedom that India got in the year 1947, it got it by begging. India got real independence in 2014. After this statement, the actress was criticized a lot. Due to this comment, the actress has faced criticism for a long time.

After this, on December 28, Mumbai Congress General Secretary Bharat Singh has filed a complaint against Kangana Ranaut in the police. In this complaint, strict action has been demanded against Kangana. Along with this, it was told that this irresponsible statement of Kangana Ranaut has been played by the channel on TV. This statement has hurt the national dignity and honor of Indian citizens, great former freedom fighters, heroes and former leaders. It has been described as against national dignity and unconstitutional. The statement has been compared to promote riots and panic situation in the country.

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Let me tell you, after this statement of Kangana Ranaut, complaints were filed against her in many places in India. Along with this, a demand has also been raised to take back the Padma Shri from him. Apart from this, people came out on the road and burnt his effigy in anger.

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