Anupamaa Upcoming Twist: Anuj and Anupama will spend the whole night under one roof, will Kavya take revenge on Vanraj?


Mumbai. Star Plus’s most popular serial ‘Anupama’ has been the subject of discussions about its story. These days the story of Anupama is becoming very interesting. Where on the one hand Vanraj has washed his hands behind Malvika. At the same time, Anupama has joined hands with Kavya and has decided that she will not allow Kavya’s life to be destroyed this time. In Rupali Ganguly’s Sudhanshu Pandey and Gaurav Khanna starrer serial ‘Anupama’ (Anupamaa Latest Episode), till now you got to see that Vanraj would listen to Kavya first when the kite was cut. But then it flares up. Kavya spoils the whole game by coming to the celebration of Makar Sankranti.

Baa and Bapuji’s mood gets spoiled after seeing Kavya and Vanraj’s fight. In such a situation, Anuj goes to them and like a son, supports Baa and Bapuji. On the other hand, Anupam reaches to talk to Kavya and Nandini. Where Nandini is telling Kavya that she will soon shift to the US. But Anupama stops them and together with them makes a plan to spoil Vanraj’s condition. In the upcoming episode of serial Anupamaa Upcoming Episode, you will get to see that Anupama will ask Nandini and Kavya to fight for their rights.

In a matter of words, Kavya will ask Anupama for help and will shake hands with her. Meanwhile, Anupama will also promise to give job to Kavya. Anupama will also give work to Kavya in her project. After knowing this, Vanraj will be astonished. He will go and talk to Anupama directly and will get angry on her. In this Anuj will come and try to handle the whole matter. At the same time, Malvika will be welcoming Kavya to her office.

After Vanraj’s departure, Anupama and Anuj will start working as a miller. While working, both of them will be late. After which Anupama will not even know and will get her eyes. Seeing Anupama sleeping in the office, Anuj will come and cover him with his coat. Meanwhile, Anuj’s eyes will also fall. Then suddenly Anupama’s eyes will open and she will see that Anuj has also slept there. So Anupama will also cover her with the coat placed on her like Anuj. Similarly, Anuj and Anupama will spend the whole night under one roof.

Meanwhile, Nandini will once again go to talk to Samar. Nandini will go and express her love to Samar. However, this time also Samar will tell his love wrong and will fight with Nandini. Now the thing to be seen in such a situation will be whether Samar and Nandini will be able to reunite after this fight or not.

first published:Jan. 27, 2022, 1:08 pm

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