MP Panchayat elections 2022: Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel, who arrived for campaigning, drove bullock cart, ranka farm


Harda: It is said that politicians and ministers do not get down from big luxury vehicles and talk to the moving vehicle. But a case was seen just opposite where Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel is seen driving the bullock cart and he uploaded this video on his Twitter also, the memory of childhood was refreshed by driving the bullock cart.

Actually this whole matter is of village Udawan of Harda district. Where Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel suddenly reached the village on Monday, he could not stop himself seeing the bullocks moving on the farmers and started driving the bullock carts from the farmers himself. During this, he said that in childhood, if he had to go to school or farm anywhere, then the bullock cart used to be the only means. Nowadays, bullock carts are rarely seen. In such a situation, when the bullock cart was awarded today, the memories of childhood became fresh. Many people are seeing this by connecting it with politics and saying that this is a new way of promoting the three-tier panchayat elections.

Talking about Kamal Patel, he is associated with agriculture from the very beginning. Kamal Patel’s father was a farmer, due to which he has done farming since childhood. These days three-tier panchayat and urban body elections are being held in Madhya Pradesh. In the election season, where the leaders are seen appealing to make their party and candidates win, on the other hand, Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel is seen standing with the farmer in the form of a farmer. Similarly, on Monday, he reached a farmer’s field and started farming.

first published:June 21, 2022, 4:42 pm

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